Salesforce Commerce Cloud Now Supports Amazon’s Buy With Prime Feature

Salesforce Commerce Cloud now supports Amazons Buy withPrime feature

If you are selling on Amazon through Salesforce, you can now get more customers and sales by offering the perks of Amazon Prime, like fast delivery and easy returns. In January 2024, Amazon introduced a new integration called Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The idea is to help Salesforce merchants get more customers and sales by offering the perks of Amazon Prime, like fast delivery and easy returns. At first, Buy with Prime for Salesforce will be invite-only, but it’ll be available for all U.S. Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants through the Salesforce AppExchange later. Let’s take a closer look at the new integration and the benefits that can be derived from it.

Buy with Prime: What Does It Mean For E-commerce Brands?

With 70% of shoppers desiring services akin to Amazon Prime, new integration presents a substantial business opportunity for sellers. For instance, if your brand has an online store, and you’re already using FBA for selling, Amazon Buy with Prime can greatly simplify and streamline your e-commerce operations. As sellers gain more access to the efficiency of Amazon’s fulfillment services beyond the platform, they are meeting the high expectations of customers:

Even though there were initial concerns about the worth and safety of Buy with Prime, it has turned out to be not just beneficial for all sellers but a game-changer for smaller ones with less brand visibility and limited resources for customer service.

Now, Buy with Prime is even available as an app for Shopify through a collaboration with Amazon, allowing sellers to use the service in their online stores. Instead of competing directly, Shopify and Amazon have teamed up to bring significant value to their customers, leading to a 10% increase in Shopify’s stock price when the partnership was announced. Also, the Amazon Buy With Prime integration has a positive impact on Shopify sellers. Those using Amazon’s fulfillment network can now add the Buy with Prime app from Shopify directly to the Shopify Checkout. 

Benefits of Salesforce Integration for Amazon Sellers

Scaling Fulfillment and Delivery Using Amazon’s Services

Whether customers place orders through Buy with Prime on a merchant’s website or on, the fulfillment is done from Amazon’s logistics network. This shared inventory empowers Buy with Prime merchants to expand across diverse sales channels, minimizing the risk of stockouts and expediting delivery times. For instance, when Buy with Prime merchants use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, they can deliver orders on time more than 97% of the time. And the average delivery time is only 1.9 days, beating the speed of many other retailers by over 50%.

Brand New Buy with Prime Features

The Buy with Prime integration for Salesforce introduces new features for merchants. It enables them:

  1. To enhance website functionality by providing search and filter options, simplifying the discovery of Prime-eligible items for shoppers.
  2. To offer a mixed cart experience, where customers can add both Prime-eligible and other items to their carts and make a single checkout.

Amazon and Salesforce are committed to ongoing collaboration, that’s why we are waiting for additional features in the future.

Brand New Buy With Prime Features

Connection With New Shoppers and Driving Greater Loyalty

The well-known Prime shopping experience, with its fast delivery, secure checkout, and easy returns, has a significant impact, increasing shopper conversion by about 25%. This is a key aspect of Buy with Prime, as Amazon is dedicated to helping merchants grow by connecting them with new customers. Merchants can encourage loyalty by offering 24/7 live chat support for Buy with Prime purchases, and still have control over customer data from these transactions on their websites. Notably, three out of four Buy with Prime orders come from new customers.

Seamless Integration and Simplifying Day-to-Day Operations

This integration makes everyday tasks easier by syncing automatically with Salesforce Order Management. It handles:

Merchants can customize this smooth integration by adjusting where and how the Buy with Prime feature appears on product, cart, and checkout pages.

Bringing Customer Experience and Support Excellence to All

Improving customer experience and support shouldn’t just be for big brands. Everyone deserves great service, and the perks of Prime shouldn’t only be for Amazon.

Now, with Buy with Prime, Prime shoppers can enjoy their favorite online shopping perks on various websites. This broad accessibility is a game-changer for future customer experiences, setting higher expectations for ease of use, efficiency, and speedy, free shipping.

The benefits of Prime extend beyond Amazon’s own products. While we’re not sure what’s coming next – whether Buy with Prime will be available worldwide or more perks for shoppers will be announced — it’s clear that it’s transforming how consumers and brands see and value their interactions.

How To Integrate Salesforce With Amazon In A Few Clicks?

M2E Cloud allows you to streamline your business workflows by connecting your Amazon account with Salesforce. If you also sell on eBay and Walmart, M2E Cloud is suitable for managing your sales on marketplaces based on Salesforce data. Connecting your store to Salesforce through M2E Cloud is a breeze. Just link your sales channels and add your Salesforce account. M2E Cloud will automatically use Salesforce for price and quantity updates and upload your inventory. Then, you can easily start managing your sales by linking Salesforce items with your channel catalog and enabling synchronization.

How Your Business Will Benefit with M2E Cloud Salesforce Integration?

Maximize your e-commerce business capabilities through the M2E Cloud Salesforce Integration. This powerful solution offers a range of benefits to elevate your operations and drive success. M2E Cloud integration helps you to:

  1. Improve your approach to optimizing listings. Efficiently integrate your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart inventory with Salesforce, streamlining your product management. Adjust your listings and pricing to improve visibility across different channels, tailoring your approach for maximum impact. Additionally, broaden your audience reach by supporting multiple languages in your listings, making your products more accessible and appealing to a diverse customer base.
  2. You can simplify your order management process with the all-in-one Walmart, eBay, and Amazon Salesforce application. This integrated solution allows you to fulfill orders seamlessly across multiple channels. Stay informed about your order progress in real time, ensuring efficient and up-to-date control of your sales operations.
  3. Gain insights by viewing and analyzing real-time sales data, empowering you to make informed decisions promptly. Utilize the smart e-commerce solution provided by M2E Cloud to synchronize stock and order updates seamlessly. Automate routine business tasks to eliminate manual errors, enhancing the efficiency of your overall operations.


In summary, the integration of Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a valuable opportunity for merchants. Seamless operations, enhanced customer experience, and increased sales are key benefits. Buy with Prime’s accessibility on various websites transforms customer interactions and sets higher expectations. For businesses considering Salesforce integration with M2E Cloud, streamlined processes, improved listing optimization, and efficient order management are pivotal advantages. 

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