Selling new tires on eBay can be a lucrative business. It attracts a huge market of car enthusiasts, mechanics, drivers, and vehicle owners looking for quality tires. With a wide reach and a global user base, eBay offers an excellent platform to showcase your tire inventory and connect with potential buyers.

This article covers the most important aspects of selling tires on eBay, how to do it properly, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Research Market Demands and Tire Options

Before listing your tires, thoroughly research the popular tire sizes, brands, and high-demand models. Identify particular categories, such as all-season tires, performance tires, or off-road tires, that buyers are commonly looking for. Consider factors like tire brand reputation, tread pattern, and vehicle compatibility.

To identify popular tires, you can check up-to-date sources such as big marketplaces, tire manufacturer websites, and industry reports. Additionally, customer reviews and ratings on these platforms can offer valuable insights into which tire brands, sizes, and types are trending and preferred by consumers in the current market.

The top 5 tire brands in the USA: Michelin, Continental, Cooper, Yokohama, and Goodyear.

Michelin is a leader in the categories Best Overall Tire Brand, Best Quality Tire Brand, Best All Season Tire Brand, Best High-Performance Tire Brand, and Best Winter Tire Brand (according to Therefore, starting with these top high-quality tire brands is a great choice.

The top tire brands in the USA: Michelin, Continental, Cooper, Yokohama, and Goodyear.

Main Types of Tires:

  • All-Season Tires: Versatile tires suitable for various weather conditions throughout the year.
  • High-Performance Tires: Designed for enhanced grip, handling, and speed capabilities, popular among sports car enthusiasts.
  • Touring Tires: Known for their comfortable and quiet ride, ideal for long-distance driving.
  • SUV/Truck Tires: Tires tailored for off-road capabilities, towing, or providing stability on larger vehicles.

Common tire sizes

  • All-Season Tires: Popular sizes include 205/55R16, 225/60R18, and 245/45R18 for passenger cars and SUVs.
  • Truck/SUV Tires: Sizes like 265/70R17, 275/55R20, and 285/45R22 are commonly used for trucks and SUVs.
  • Performance Tires: Sizes such as 225/40ZR18, 255/35ZR20, and 275/30ZR20 are prevalent in the performance tire category.

Create Detailed and Informative Listings

  • Accurate descriptions: Provide detailed descriptions, including tire features, make, model, size (width, aspect ratio, rim diameter), tread pattern, speed rating, load index, and quantity.
  • High-quality visuals: Take clear multiple photos of the tires, showing tread depth, sidewalls, and any unique features. Images play a crucial role in attracting buyers.
  • Competitive pricing: Set reasonable prices based on market research. Offer flexible rates or discounts for bulk purchases to encourage buyers.

Vehicle parts, tires, or accessories can be listed in the same formats as most other product categories. Moreover, you can use M2E Sales Channels, which allows you to list tires sold in your store on eBay as well, using different listing formats — auction,  “Buy It Now,” and “Best Offer” to get the best deals.

Rev Up Your Auto Parts Sales on the eBay Motors

Optimize eBay Listings for Visibility 

Proper optimization plays a significant role when it comes to selling on eBay. The truth is that well-selected keywords increase your product visibility in Google Search. Additionally, high-quality images and well-written product descriptions influence customer satisfaction. That’s why: 

  1. Take time to write a good product description. Ensure it contains detailed product information, including its features, benefits, and unique selling points. Clearly communicate key specifications, such as size, color, and compatibility. Choosing the appropriate “Conditions” for your products is also essential. In the case of new tires, select “New” (new, unused, unopened, undamaged item is in its original packaging) or “New other” (a new, unused product without any signs of wear and tear and be missing the original packaging or in the original packaging but not sealed; a new, unused item with defects). If you want to make your description more attractive or well-organized, use eBay description templates from M2E Cloud.
  1. Consider the appropriate parts compatibility (fitment). Creating a vehicle parts and accessories list is worth adding parts compatibility (“fitment”). It allows you to add the years, makes, models, configurations, and engines your part fits. You can cover up to 3000 combinations in different categories. Fitting can reduce customer returns due to fit issues because it is more likely that the customer will receive a product that fits their vehicle.
  1. Upload high-quality images to showcase your tires. Take photos from different angles and with good lighting. If your products have some damages, it would be better to highlight them rather than trying to hide them.
  1. Set competitive pricing strategies to attract potential buyers. To establish competitive pricing strategies, research similar products on eBay, analyze market trends, and consider the perceived value of your tires. Strike a balance between competitiveness and profitability, offering occasional discounts or bundle deals to entice potential buyers.

Provide Great Customer Service 

Excellent customer service not only portrays you as a reliable seller but can also enhance the credibility of your brand. Good customer service means: 

  • Providing accurate information about tire specifications and compatibility. You can easily import existing vehicle parts listings with compatibility information using the M2E Sales Channels app. 
  • Responding promptly to customer inquiries and messages. Try to avoid standard messages and don’t keep customers waiting. Personalize your responses to show interest and understanding of their needs. Additionally, consider incorporating a live chat feature on your website to offer real-time assistance. 
  • Ensuring timely shipping and delivery. Timely shipping is a cornerstone of exceptional customer service. Implement transparent shipping policies, provide order tracking, and optimize your order fulfillment process to guarantee prompt delivery. 

Utilize eBay Tools and Features

  • Promotions. Use eBay Promotions Manager to create discounts or bundle offers. Offer promotions during peak seasons or special events. 
  • Use eBay Motors. Take advantage of eBay Motors, a special automotive parts marketplace, to attract tire buyers interested in vehicle-related products.

Control Performance and Optimize Strategies

Regularly analyze your sales results and evaluate and adjust your strategies accordingly. Keep up with market trends and update your product range to meet changing needs.

Selling new car parts on eBay requires attention to detail and a customer-focused approach. Applying these strategies and consistently delivering quality products and services, sellers can build a successful presence and create a loyal customer base on the eBay platform.

Costs & Fees  

Selling vehicle parts on eBay Motors involves specific fee structures distinct from those in other categories. It comprises an insertion fee and a final value fee. 

According to the eBay Parts & Accessories, Automotive Tools & Supplies categories, which include vehicle parts, the fees are:

eBay Fees: Parts & Accessories, Automotive Tools & Supplies

Insertion fee — the fee charged by the platform when a seller creates a listing to sell a product:

— the first 250 listings are free per month;

— then $0.35 per listing.

Final value fee — one final fee when your item is sold. Calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount plus $0.30 per order:

— 13.25% of total revenue up to $7,500 per item; 

— 2.35% on the portion of sales over $7,500.

These fees enable effective showcasing of your vehicle parts on eBay Motors, leveraging associated benefits to maximize selling possibilities.

* Be aware that eBay’s selling fees are constantly changing. Check the latest information here.

Common Mistakes 

  • Ignoring eBay Rules and Policies

Sellers may inadvertently violate eBay rules and policies when listing tires. It includes not adhering to guidelines on product condition, shipping restrictions, or failing to represent the item accurately. Ignorance of these policies can lead to account penalties, negative feedback, or even suspension. You can review eBay’s Vehicles, parts, and accessories policy to ensure compliance and a smooth selling experience. 

  • Incomplete or Inaccurate Product Information

One common mistake when selling tires on eBay is providing incomplete or inaccurate product information. So, failing to include essential details — tire size, brand, tread depth, and any potential wear or damage — can lead to a lack of trust and interest from potential buyers.

  • Overlooking Local and International Shipping Options

Sellers often limit their potential customer base by either overlooking or not optimizing local and international shipping options. Ignoring international buyers or not providing cost-effective shipping solutions may limit the market reach. Considering different shipping options, including international shipping with clear cost details, can help you reach a wider audience and increase sales.


The same as any other car parts on eBay, selling tires requires a certain level of knowledge. Before you start selling, understand the needs and pains of your customers, research the market thoroughly to identify prevailing trends, and ensure you follow eBay’s selling policies.

How to Sell New Tires on eBay
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