In the bustling Amazon tea market, where 2 million units were sold in 2018, opportunities abound for entrepreneurs and manufacturers alike. From classic Black Tea to health-conscious Herbal blends, Amazon’s diverse offerings cater to varied tastes.

This article will delve into strategies to optimize your business in this flourishing segment, where every element plays a crucial role in your success. Discover how to sell tea on Amazon, make your product range competitive, and ensure the highest quality of customer service, guiding them through the entire process from product selection to order completion.

How to sell tea on Amazon

Approval Criteria

Before venturing into the lucrative world of tea sales in Amazon’s Grocery & Gourmet Food category, sellers must meet strict approval criteria. Amazon demands a flawless performance, with an order defect rate below 1%, a pre-fulfillment cancel rate below 2.5%, and a late shipment rate below 4%. Although these metrics may seem stringent, they are vital for consumer safety, even if not all criteria directly apply to tea. Approval is mandatory as tea falls under this specific Amazon category. Also, ensure you’ve reviewed and met Amazon’s product requirements for selling tea by following this link.

Ways to Sell Tea on Amazon: Private Label vs. Manufacturer

There are two primary approaches to selling tea on Amazon: private label or through a manufacturer. For those opting to sell directly from a manufacturer, additional requirements come into play.

Private Label

Opting for a private label means branding tea products under your name. This route offers control over branding, packaging, and pricing. Sellers can differentiate themselves in a competitive market by creating a unique identity for their tea products. Private label success often hinges on effective marketing strategies and creating a brand that resonates with consumers.


Selling tea sourced directly from a manufacturer is an alternative approach. While this route provides the advantage of tapping into existing production capabilities, it comes with specific requirements. After assessing your performance metrics, Amazon necessitates three commercial invoices from your supplier, demonstrating consistent product purchases over the past 90 days.

Choosing the Right Path

Deciding between a private label and a manufacturer depends on your business goals, resources, and branding strategy.  Private labeling offers autonomy and the potential for building a distinct brand but requires robust marketing efforts. Selling from a manufacturer streamlines the production process but demands meticulous documentation and supplier collaboration.

The Approval Gateway

Whether through private label or manufacturer, gaining approval is a prerequisite for selling in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category on Amazon. Ensuring compliance with Amazon’s criteria and submitting accurate documentation is pivotal. 

Types of Tea You Can Sell

Diversify your offerings by exploring different types of tea suitable for Amazon’s Grocery & Gourmet Food category. The platform accommodates a broad range of tea varieties, from classic Black Tea to trendy Herbal Tea.

Registration and Listing Process

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of registration and product listings on Amazon marketplace.

Registering as an Amazon Seller

Kickstart your journey in selling tea on Amazon by easily registering on Seller Central. Begin by selecting a suitable selling plan that aligns with your business goals. Following this, provide the necessary details, showcasing the uniqueness of your tea offerings. Lastly, ensure a smooth transaction process by linking an active bank account to your Seller Central account. This straightforward process sets the foundation for a successful venture into the world of tea sales on Amazon.

Listing Your Tea Products

Once registered, the next step is listing your tea products on Amazon. Depending on product availability, choose between adding a new offer by matching to existing products or creating a new listing. For those with unique tea brands not yet featured on Amazon, it’s crucial to upload compelling product images and fill in all the necessary details. To streamline this process and manage your inventory and orders seamlessly across multiple channels, consider leveraging the M2E Sales Channels software.

M2E Sales Channels allows you to:

  1. List an unlimited number of products.
  2. Efficiently handle various aspects of your business within a single retail business software.
  3. Optimize your product listings with Amazon Product Type autosuggestions.
  4. Synchronize inventory levels and seamlessly process orders across multiple channels.

This integrated approach ensures that your tea products stand out in the crowded marketplace while simplifying the management of your online retail operations. Take a look at M2E Sales Channels’ capabilities below:

M2E Sales Channels Create New Amazon Listing
M2E Sales Channels Create New Amazon Listing

M2E Sales Channels Manage Amazon Tea Listing
M2E Sales Channels Manage Amazon Tea Listing

Maximizing Profit

Now that your tea products are live on Amazon, honing in on specific strategies is critical for maximizing profitability. Here are key steps to enhance your success:

1. Product Listing Excellence. Create catchy titles and engaging product descriptions with effective SEO strategies. Make sure your titles are not only packed with relevant keywords but also entice potential buyers. Craft informative and captivating product descriptions that emphasize the distinct qualities of your tea. Provide essential product details such as flavor profiles, brewing instructions, and any special certifications. Don’t forget the importance of high-quality product photos; display your tea products from different perspectives and in various settings to give customers a complete view.

2. Sales Analytics for Profit Boost. To maximize sales profit on Amazon, delve into understanding customer behavior and preferences through sales analysis. Optimize pricing and inventory based on competitive insights and sales trends. For in-depth insights, consider leveraging M2E Analytics. This tool provides the most essential performance metrics to help you continuously improve your product listings and marketing strategies.

3. Proactive Challenge Management. Anticipate and address potential challenges, from fluctuations in tea trends to supply chain hiccups. Strategic planning and adaptability are your allies in navigating the dynamic landscape of online tea sales.

Stay informed, adapt to market shifts, and continually refine your approach.

Advantages of Using M2E Cloud Platform for Tea Sellers on Amazon

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, M2E Cloud is a game-changer for tea sellers seeking expansion on Amazon. Here’s why it’s the ultimate ally:

1. Seamless Multichannel Integration. M2E Cloud allows tea sellers to effortlessly link their stores with platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, TikTok Shop (coming soon), and more. It ensures a smooth flow of inventory and order management across multiple channels.

2. Broadened Market Reach. With M2E Cloud’s omnichannel solution, tea sellers can effortlessly upload and list products on various platforms, tapping into diverse customer bases and enhancing overall market visibility.

3. Efficient Inventory Management. Simplify inventory complexities with M2E Cloud. Achieve synchronized stock levels across diverse sales channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy. 

4. Streamlined Order Management. M2E Cloud’s order management tools provide a seamless approach, enabling tea sellers to handle orders effortlessly across different platforms. This operational efficiency translates to improved customer satisfaction.

5. Amazon Repricer Functionality. Tailored for Amazon specifically, M2E Amazon Repricer ensures tea product prices dynamically adjust, staying competitive in the market. The tool boosts visibility and potentially increases sales.

6. Integration with CRM Systems. M2E Cloud is developing seamless integration with popular CRM systems like Salesforce to enhance customer relationship management. Future users could connect via API for smooth data synchronization, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions across platforms. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming integration.

Experience the power of M2E Cloud firsthand by watching a demo. Witness how the platform can transform your tea-selling business, from inventory management to order processing and beyond. Get a personalized walkthrough to explore the features tailored to your specific needs.

Final Words

As you navigate the intricacies of selling tea on Amazon, remember that continuous adaptation and optimization are the keys to success. Leverage available resources, tap into market trends, and view challenges as opportunities for growth. The thriving tea market on Amazon awaits, and with the right strategy, your venture can flourish. In this exciting journey, consider the power of M2E Cloud as your strategic partner. Seamlessly integrating with various platforms, M2E Cloud provides a comprehensive solution for tea sellers.

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