Amazon Belgium Shopify integration is a hot topic in the seller community due to recent Amazon’s expansion to a total of 5 new marketplaces, including Belgium. Millions of Belgian shoppers have been buying from Amazon’s German, French and Dutch websites for years. But the new dedicated marketplace will make the whole process easier for both merchants and shoppers.

Amazon obviously sees Belgium as a powerful growth market, and so should every interested multi-channel seller. Since the marketplace isn’t yet overly saturated with local and foreign sellers, the timing is perfect for integrating Amazon Belgium with your Shopify store (if you are already familiar with this platform).

Read on to discover how to get a head start on the Amazon Belgium marketplace, as well as reliable ways to set up your Amazon Belgium Shopify integration.

Sell on Amazon Belgium Shopify

Getting started on Amazon Belgium

In order to establish your business firmly on, you have to make the right choices from the outset. Follow the steps below to get into a new selling channel as smoothly as possible.

Create a seller account

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for an Amazon seller account on Ensure that you have at ready the following information required for registration:

  • Business email address or Amazon buyer account
  • Valid passport or national ID
  • Business registration details (including VAT number)
  • Phone number
  • Active credit card
  • Bank account to receive your sales earnings

We won’t go over all the technicalities of selling on Amazon – here is a dedicated guide where we break down everything you need to know.

With a single Amazon seller account, you can list and manage your products not only in Belgium but also across other European marketplaces.

Choose items to sell

If you have a local Belgian brand, Amazon will be more than happy to put you in the spotlight with their “Brands of Belgium” store. About 100 Belgian companies are currently represented there, and it would be wise to apply as well to introduce your products to a large audience of Belgian consumers.

Amazon Brands of Belgium store

International merchants will also have their share of exposure on Amazon Belgium. Since the seller competition is low, you can start with a small budget to launch your products there. First settle on inexpensive, lightweight, and easy-to-manage items, like stationery or baby stuff, and then go bigger.

Overall, sellers can pick from over 30 available categories on Amazon Belgium. Just remember that you need to have a Professional seller account or special approval to list products in some categories.

Mind selling fees & taxes

All Amazon Belgian sellers are charged a monthly fee of €39 excluding VAT (as of 2022). Apart from that, get ready to pay a referral fee on each completed purchase, which ranges from 8% to 15% depending on the category. If you plan on using the Amazon FBA services or have a huge inventory to list, extra selling fees will apply as well.

Another thing to take into account is VAT (Value Added Tax). Your business may be required to register for a VAT number in Belgium, and you should look into it before publishing your listings on Amazon. Having a respective VAT number, you will not only comply with the regulations but will also be able to reclaim the VAT you’ve paid on your purchases and charge VAT on your sales.

Maintain flexible price points

When selling on Amazon, it is impossible to keep your prices stable. Other merchants will always seize the moment and change their prices to dominate the Buy Box (now Featured Offer). Not to mention that customers don’t want to overpay and are often on the lookout for cheaper products.

As a seller, you constantly need to keep up with price fluctuations and respond to them accordingly. Otherwise, you risk losing the sales and profit you’ve counted on. Fortunately, there is no need to track competitors’ prices all by yourself 24/7. Use the M2E Amazon Repricer tool that will do all the hard work for you – analyze other merchants’ offers and adjust your prices automatically in real time.

Rely on Amazon for shipping

Packing and shipping your items comes with a great deal of hassle. To put you at ease and help you get the best out of your time and resources, Amazon offers dedicated shipping services named Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

By signing up for Amazon FBA, you delegate all the storage, shipping, and handling matters to one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. Your buyers benefit too – they get expedited delivery and first-class customer support. Be aware that the use of FBA services involves additional storage and fulfillment fees. And not all product types are accepted at Amazon fulfillment centers.

Integrate your Shopify and Amazon stores without any hassle

Sell on Amazon Prime

Belgian shoppers have access to Amazon Prime, which opens the door to more selling opportunities. Products with the Amazon Prime badge look more appealing to customers as they know what to expect – reliable fulfillment, lightning-fast and free shipping. Making your products eligible for the program increases your chances for profitable sales on the Belgium marketplace.

Amazon Prime is available for FBA and FBM merchants (via Seller Fulfilled Prime program). The performance criteria are demanding – you need to have a high shipment and tracking rate, provide Premium Shipping, use Amazon’s Buy Shipping services, and more. But if you get the sought-after badge after all, the results won’t keep you waiting.

Integrating Amazon Belgium with Shopify

Once you’ve sorted out everything with Amazon Belgium, you may want to finally integrate it with your Shopify store. Doing it yourself sounds like a tried-and-true yet an intensive task. But why put your valuable efforts into something that software can do automatically, efficiently and, most importantly, for free?

Sales Channels by M2E Cloud will help you configure your Amazon Belgium Shopify integration with ease and without any investments. Connect your Amazon account and Shopify store in a matter of minutes. The app will link and sync your Shopify products with Amazon items or upload your entire Shopify inventory on Amazon Belgium.

Amazon Belgium integration

See how easy it is to set up the integration:

Step 1. Sign up

Create an account by entering your details, confirming your email, and making up the password. That’s it!

M2E Sales Channels create account

Step 2. Connect to Amazon and Shopify

Now it’s time to link your Amazon Belgium account and connect to your Shopify store. After that, Sales Channels will automatically import your items from both platforms.

M2E Sales Channels connect to Amazon

Step 3. Match Amazon & Shopify products

Sales Channels will link items from your Amazon and Shopify accounts by SKU and Product ID. The process is fully automated.

M2E Sales Channels match Amazon and Shopify products

Then you may enable synchronization for Sales Channels to update the price and quantity of your items.

Conduct your e-commerce business from a single user-friendly interface of Sales Channels. Manage your growing inventory and sales, ship your FBM and FBA orders, make changes to items in bulk. Sales Channels syncs your Amazon & Shopify inventory and orders non-stop to prevent you from overselling and tedious manual listings updates.

Take advantage of the special offer and use Sales Channels by M2E Cloud completely for free. Sign up today and get access to handy inventory and order management tools to maximize your multi-channel sales.

Wrapping it up

Amazon Belgium marketplace has just launched but is already expected to transform the Belgian retail market. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to reach over 7 million potential online customers through Amazon’s fine-tuned selling platform. Consider representing products to your advantage, rather than giving away those sales to others.

Fingers crossed that with our recommendations, you’ll be off to an excellent start on the Amazon Belgium Shopify route.

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