The online car parts sales industry is a highly competitive & profitable market. With the increasing popularity of marketplaces like eBay, car sellers have found those platforms to be one of the best options for buying and selling car parts.      

If you’re curious about delving deeper into this lucrative market, it’s crucial to understand what car parts sell the most on eBay. In this article, we’ll explore the top-selling car accessories, providing valuable information to help you make wise decisions and succeed in the online car accessories business.       

Best Car Parts to Sell on eBay

The car parts that tend to sell the most on eBay can vary depending on several factors, such as the popularity of specific car models, current trends, and customer needs. However, some car parts commonly sought after on eBay include:

  1. Engine components: Parts like engines, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and fuel injectors.
  2. Exterior body parts or accessories: Items like bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, and mirrors.
  3. Suspension and steering components: Parts such as control arms, ball joints, tie rods, and power steering pumps.
  4. Electrical components: Items like alternators, starters, ignition coils, and fuel pumps.
  5. Performance parts: Aftermarket parts such as exhaust systems, air intakes, turbochargers, and suspension upgrades.
  6. Interior components: Parts like seats, dashboards, navigation systems, and infotainment units.
  7. Wheels and tires: Rims, tires, and wheel accessories are popular items.
  8. Braking system parts: Components such as brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake master cylinders.
  9. Cooling system parts: Radiators, water pumps, thermostat assemblies, and cooling fans.
  10. Transmission and drivetrain components: Transmission assemblies, clutch kits, drive shafts, and differential units.
Best Car Parts to Sell on eBay

While exterior accessories, wheels and tires, and lighting dominate in popularity, even less popular categories generate millions of dollars in parts revenue annually.Moreover, eBay proves to be a good platform for selling vintage car parts. If you specialize in selling classic car parts, eBay is likely a beneficial avenue for listing your products. These are just some examples, and the popularity of specific car parts can vary over time. Exploring current trends and market demand before listing car parts for sale is always a good idea.

One important feature to note is eBay Parts Compatibility, which empowers sellers to include vehicle details, specific parts, and accessories associated with compatible vehicles. This functionality brings significant benefits to both buyers and sellers by boosting sales and simplifying the search for the desired parts. To learn more about leveraging this feature, we invite you to review our concise guide on integrating ePIDs/kTypes of compatible vehicles into your products using M2E Pro.

Tips for Selling Car Parts 

Establish a Competitive Price 

While it is true that eBay consumers are sensitive to promotions, it is still essential to establish a competitive price for your auto parts. The rationale behind this is that a higher price can make you more competitive. Even a small price difference of $1-2 can grab the attention of potential buyers. Therefore, it is advised not to hesitate to set a price that will make your business stand out and attract customers. 

Take Into Account Your Shipping Costs 

Here’s a quick tip: eBay buyers are particularly attentive to shipping costs and will likely choose your competitor over you if they offer lower delivery prices. To stay competitive, consider offering free shipping or keeping your delivery rates as low as possible, especially for first-time customers. In this way, you can increase the attractiveness of your listings and improve your chances of winning over potential buyers.


One essential aspect of providing excellent customer service on eBay is effective communication. As soon as you receive an order, make it a priority to reach out to your customer and inform them that their purchase is being processed. Timely notifications are crucial because you demonstrate your commitment and care for your customers’ purchases. When buyers experience prompt and attentive communication, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors for future purchases. 

Take Quality Pictures  

Capturing clear and detailed images from various angles is essential to provide a comprehensive view of your products. Make sure to utilize good lighting conditions to showcase the parts effectively. Transparency is vital in building trust with your customers. If your parts have any signs of wear or imperfections, it is advisable to disclose this information in your listing. 

Write Good Descriptions 

When selling car parts on eBay, one crucial step you should pay attention to is creating detailed and well-structured product descriptions. A thorough description helps your customers gain a clear understanding of the item they are considering buying. A comprehensive product description not only assists potential customers in making informed choices but also reflects your credibility as a reliable seller. 

Use promotions 

Leverage the Promotions Manager and Promoted Listings features to create enticing offers for your customers. Everyone appreciates a good deal or a money-saving coupon, so by using these tools, you can stay competitive and attract more buyers to your listings.    

Costs & Fees       

Selling car parts on eBay Motors involves distinct fee structures compared to selling items in other categories. There are two types of selling fees on eBay: an insertion fee and a final value fee.  

If you’re interested in selling a car, there are three listing packages on eBay. The Basic package gives you access to essential listing features and services for a specific fee. If you opt for the Premium package, you’ll enjoy additional perks and enhanced visibility for your vehicle listing, all included within a comprehensive fee structure. For those seeking the highest level of exposure and premium benefits, the Plus package provides an even more comprehensive set of features for a corresponding fee.

This way, you can effectively showcase your car parts on eBay Motors and leverage the associated benefits to maximize your selling possibilities. Below, we’ll show you how to do it effectively with our tools. 

Selling on eBay Motors: Things to Consider 

Selling car accessories can present unique challenges, especially for newbies to the platform. Additionally, if you’re selling your products on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart, it can become overwhelming to monitor, manage, and synchronize your listings across different platforms.

To streamline your selling process and alleviate the management burden, consider utilizing M2E Cloud. This platform offers a comprehensive solution that enables effortless inventory management, centralized listing control, and seamless integration with various marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, and Salesforce. With M2E Cloud eBay Motors, you can efficiently manage your vehicle parts, consolidate your inventory, and expand your reach on eBay Motors and other leading marketplaces.

Plus, if you have a Magento store, you can smoothly integrate it with all 23 eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors, just by using M2E Pro. This integration allows you to leverage M2E’s professional eBay management software and unlock enhanced selling opportunities. Connecting your Magento and eBay stores allows you to double your selling opportunities and expand your reach across multiple marketplaces, including eBay Motors. M2E Pro provides a comprehensive solution for managing your 

eBay listings, optimizing your selling performance, and maximizing your sales. 


In summary, selling car accessories on eBay Motors can be rewarding but challenging, especially for newcomers. However, you can effectively manage and synchronize your listings across multiple marketplaces with the right tools and strategies. 

M2E Cloud and M2E Pro offer powerful solutions for simplifying auto parts inventory management and integrating your Magento store with eBay, including eBay Motors. Utilizing these tools can enhance your selling opportunities, streamline your operations, and maximize your sales possibilities. 

By the way, if you’re interested in learning about opening a successful store on eBay, check out our article! 

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