Once you successfully establish your business in the local market, you may consider broadening your reach to an international base of 130+ million active buyers. Selling abroad can open up new income sources and give you access to an audience you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

eBay provides an array of options to help you bring your sales to a global level. Just like with any endeavor, you have to take into account all the nuances and guidelines before diving into the process. In this article, we’ll go over different methods of how to sell on eBay International, how to approach global sales in a proper way, and what is necessary for a smooth launch of international listings.

Ways to set up international eBay sales

Let’s take a look at three available options to list items for international sale on eBay.

Provide international shipping info

If you are looking for the simplest solution, add worldwide shipping details and postage rates to existing listings on your eBay website. This allows UK, US, and Canadian users to see your items on their local eBay sites.

Even though this approach is easy to implement, it has some downsides. eBay doesn’t translate listings into target languages, and buyers can keep non-native items out of their search. Some customers may be hesitant to purchase from overseas merchants. Additionally, eBay will convert item prices to local currencies based on daily exchange rates, which could cause fluctuations in your pricing.

This method is helpful for testing demand in various locations before you decide on a full-scale international expansion on eBay.

Become a full-fledged global seller

Register with the proficient eBay international selling program in case you are determined to get the most out of the global base of shoppers. For you and other eager US merchants, eBay offers their 23 largest marketplaces along with the ability to post localized listings with proper translations.

Merchants enrolled in this program can indicate more precise rates and keep them competitive in various markets instead of relying on eBay to perform local currency conversion.

As for the selling fees, you would only pay them in the location where the item is purchased, unlike the previous option. If you own a featured or anchor store subscription, eBay may also provide a discount for your final value fees.

Sign up for the Global Shipping Program

Another way to access large audiences around the world is to register for the eBay Global Shipping Program. Your only task here is to ship packages to a fulfillment center, which will handle global delivery and customs formalities. The program also offers protection from questionable buyer feedback that may result from potential shipping issues.

To get involved, US vendors must have a favorable rating on eBay and have their inventory available within the US territory. eBay doesn’t charge for enrollment, but get ready to pay listing, seller, and buyer fees.

Requirements for international expansion on eBay

Before you start preparing eBay listings for global sales and let buyers from abroad purchase your goods, check whether you can comply with the list of vital requirements:

Sign eBay’s international selling agreement. Each eBay website has its own listing and shopper protection policies that you should be aware of. By signing the agreement, you confirm that any items sold to shoppers through foreign eBay marketplaces adhere to the policies of those sites.

Review international trading policy. Ensure that your eBay items and transactions are compliant with it. Do extensive research on the list of items disallowed for export and import between countries. Disregarding the policy may result in penalties or other unwanted outcomes.

Research tax laws in relevant markets. To avoid legal issues, study tax regulations around importing and exporting products, which differ by country and even within different jurisdictions of the same country. One specific tax to consider is the value-added tax (VAT), also referred to as goods and services tax (GST), and many countries impose it on international purchases. The tax amount depends on the ordered item’s price, location, and shipping address.

Create a complimentary shipping and returns policy. eBay prioritizes international sellers with policies that benefit shoppers, such as longer return windows of 30 or 60 days. By clearly outlining return conditions and who covers return shipping costs, you can help buyers feel more secure in their purchases.

Tips on getting international eBay sales right

Now that you know how to sell to international buyers on eBay, it is time to develop a thorough plan for your expansion to a new audience. Use the following tips to efficiently handle your global operations and scale your business at the same time.

1.Advance global sales gradually

There is no need to embrace several eBay sites at once. Focus on one marketplace first and test the waters before committing to expand. If you take into account the market’s needs and buyers, this will ensure your ability to fulfill every order, handle listings and shipping organization, and keep the quality of your merchandise at a decent level in a new market.

2.Begin with the English-speaking audience

Translating product info into foreign languages is a time-consuming process. If you have little time on your hands, prioritize expanding to eBay marketplaces where the primary language is English. For instance, US merchants can consider offering their merchandise to shoppers from eBay UK, Australia, or Canada.

3.Adapt items to the local language

Foreign shoppers will be more inclined to make a purchase if your listings are translated into their native language. eBay doesn’t always auto-translate product info, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

The most popular option is to use online translator tools, which can be inaccurate but don’t require a financial investment. A professional human translator will do a proper job, but it can be expensive and takes longer than an automated translation.

One more quick and practical option is to use a dedicated multi-language feature by M2E Cloud. It is the easiest way to set up various languages for your eBay listings. Within just a couple of clicks, you will create product descriptions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc., and will be able to list them directly to eBay.

Try now and optimize your international listings with little effort!

4.Strive to become a top-rated seller

To recognize exceptional service, eBay employs seller performance criteria for its marketplace sellers.

Top-rated eBay sellers enjoy special privileges, such as better search result rankings and discounts. This recognition reflects the superior level of customer service delivered consistently over time, and it can’t be purchased or acquired via charges. Perform merchant duties with due diligence, and eBay will reward you.

5.Consider international visibility feature

eBay lets you optionally upgrade your listings to be globally visible if you sell on eBay UK or US sites. This feature boosts the chances of your items appearing in the higher places of search results for global shoppers. Note that there is an individual fee for each marketplace where you will upgrade.

Summing up

Scaling your e-commerce business to include worldwide sales is a tough hill to climb. International success doesn’t happen overnight and requires strategic planning and execution.

But if you follow our recommendations and take reasonable steps, it won’t be long before your first foreign customers come to you with their orders.

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